Lisa Giacone

With a background in marketing for municipal parks and recreation programs in both print and web-based media, Lisa has a talent for using graphic design to create clear messaging, no matter what the audience. She believes a website should be user-friendly and aesthetically appealing. Apart from design, Lisa is busy—very busy!—raising her sons, Anthony and Marco.

Photo by Raffi Asdourian (zaffi on Flickr)

Sizing Up the Competition

by Lisa Giacone

Are your competitors more effective in attracting clients? Identify how they might be getting more business, and improve your own website!

Web Design Practices to Avoid

by Lisa Giacone

There is plenty of information available on what practices impede good user experience and plenty of disagreement on the subject, too! Here is a roundup of some practices and features which are being contested.

6 Important Things to Get From Your Designer

by Lisa Giacone

It is professional to use consistent graphic elements in all of your marketing materials. Get what you need from your designer to avoid costly re-creations in the future!

The Logo Design Process

by Lisa Giacone

Designing a well-executed logo requires some research. Who are your customers? What message is your company trying to convey to them?

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