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WordPress Problems?

by Amélie Walker-Yung

Castle Builder Design is a WordPress expert! While we love designing new WordPress sites and custom themes, we also work with clients with existing WordPress websites that are giving them grief.

Our services range from style tweaks and page templates to resolving plugin conflicts and security issues.

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Some of these clients have included:

Sara Eckel, It’s Not You
1913 Massacre film
Let’s Talk Schools
Frank Sheehan, artist
WillyPoint Kids

“Last week, I had a panic attack after my attempt to update my WordPress site appeared to bring it down. … Crisis averted!” Read more…

We can also help with Drupal (6, 7 & 8), Joomla and other content management systems.

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Published on August 4, 2016.

About Amélie Walker-Yung

Amélie, the founder of Castle Builder Design, has been constructing a wide variety of websites since 1997. She manages all projects and specializes in crafting visually compelling yet clear-eyed designs, all the while taming open source software. She sees a successful website as a puzzle solved through the seamless integration of its two vital elements: beauty and function. In her spare time, Amélie is the membership coordinator of Webgrrls NYC and bakes cupcakes.