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What is Branding?

by Deedee Medina

Think about an experience you’ve had as a consumer. Have you ever chosen a product based on the way it looked?

Branding is an extensively broad topic, but at a basic level, a “brand” is an idea that should create rapport and trust in your target audience. It is a promise that your service and/or product will be consistent.

A brand is not up to the preferences of the one creating its elements, it is meant to appeal to a constituent base. Designers therefore work around the company’s audience and what it may demand when building the foundation of a brand and bringing it to fruition.

Illustration by Patricia Cordero

People may take branding lightly by focusing on basic elements, but there is much more complexity to it. A company’s branding has to do with everything it portrays. All it produces should reflect the values and direction of the business.

The Logo

A brand cannot exist successfully without the tangible representation that is the logo. This symbolic representation of a company or a product is usually a mark, design, or signature and sets the tone for the branding as a whole.

Keep in mind that logos are not meant to explain but to identify. Studies show that the most effective logos are the simpler ones. They give the audience something they will recognize and remember.

Think about how it may be used on multiple projects or platforms. Will it work on everything from pens to notepads to billboard advertising?

Your logo will carry your brand’s identity, along with the colors and fonts you choose. Changing any of these components can have a great impact on your branding design.

Deedee Medina

By Deedee Medina

Deedee has a background in psychology and business administration and also attended a full-stack web development program at Columbia University. To Deedee, websites are a form of both art and communication. She finds inspiration through drawing, working on her own projects, and spending time with her dog.

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