WordPress Troubleshooting

WordPress Tune Up

“Last week, I had a panic attack after my attempt to update my WordPress site appeared to bring it down. … Crisis averted!” Read more →

Castle Builder Design is a WordPress expert! While we love designing new WordPress sites and custom themes, we also work with clients with existing WordPress websites that are giving them grief.

Our services range from style tweaks and page templates to resolving plugin conflicts and security issues. We offer a starter package below.

Phone Consultation + Troubleshooting – $150

How it works:

We will:

  • Spend up to 2 hours troubleshooting your issues.
  • Give you an estimate when a more complex fix is required.

Note: This is NOT an emergency or 24/7 service, though we do usually have quick turnaround. We are generally available weekdays during regular business hours (U.S. eastern time zone). You may check Amélie’s schedule before purchasing.

Sign up

Sign up for this service only if you use WordPress software on your web hosting account or server. Castle Builder’s WordPress Troubleshooting is for self-hosted WordPress websites, it is not for WordPress.com. If you use other software or web services, please contact us to discuss your needs.