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How to Know You’re Ready for a Redesign

by Amélie Walker-Yung

Photo by John Morgan (aidanmorgan on Flickr)
Photo by John Morgan

Is it time to redesign your website?

The answer to that is a no-brainer when your company rebrands or your service or products change, but there are other times when an investment in redesigning is due.

Ask yourself these questions, if you are considering a website redesign.

#1 – Is your website responsive?
If you say “No,” you can stop reading here. You are ready, your website needs some love—and modernization! (See also, Get Mobile for Google!)

Clients sites we’ve recently converted to responsive include Archaeology Magazine and French Women Don’t Get Fat.

#2 – Is it easy to update?
If you are not using a content management system, or are using an old or overly complicated one, it’s time to seek help. No need for frustration! Upgrade to a new system, get training, and plan better website management.

#3 – Are you proud of your website?
You want to feel great about your web presence when you hand over that business card. If your website looks dated—or you were never very happy with it in the first place—you will not have that feeling. Even if you did love it, what was the coolest of the cool a few years ago may now make you look out of touch.

There are other reasons to redesign, but these three are some of the most vital. You need a well-maintained, mobile friendly website that you are proud to show customers, clients or colleagues.

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By Amélie Walker-Yung

Amélie, the founder of Castle Builder Design, has been constructing a wide variety of websites for two decades. She manages all projects and specializes in crafting visually compelling yet clear-eyed designs, all the while taming open source software. She sees a successful website as a puzzle solved through the seamless integration of its two vital elements: beauty and function. Amélie was the membership coordinator Webgrrls NYC for several years and enjoys baking.

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