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WordPress Tip: Cropping Thumbnails

by Amélie Walker-Yung

2023 UPDATE: While this plugin may still technically work, I no longer recommend its use. Because it has not been updated in a number of years, it potentially has security vulnerabilities. Instead, I have been using Crop Thumbnails by Volkmar Kantor, which works in a similar manner and is being maintained by its developer.

Read on for my original 2015 post:

We use a lot of WordPress here at Castle Builder. Over the years, we’ve tested, installed, used and removed what seems like an endless number of plugins. When I find a good one that solves a specific problem, I’m happy to share!

One of my current favorite WordPress add-ons is Post Thumbnail Editor by sewpafly.

Post Thumbnail Editor

WordPress has a built-in “Edit Image” feature that allows you to flip, resize or rotate your image. You can even apply your changes to all versions of the image or just the thumbnail. Great!

However, if you want to use custom thumbnail sizes in your theme—or have multiple “thumbnails” for different purposes using the same image—your editing options are more limited. The Post Thumbnail Editor is very useful in these cases, allowing you to crop the same image differently for each size, including your custom sizes.

Learn more or download on the plugin’s page.

This is for WordPress the software (downloadable at, not the hosted solution available at

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By Amélie Walker-Yung

Amélie, the founder of Castle Builder Design, has been constructing a wide variety of websites for two decades. She manages all projects and specializes in crafting visually compelling yet clear-eyed designs, all the while taming open source software. She sees a successful website as a puzzle solved through the seamless integration of its two vital elements: beauty and function. Amélie was the membership coordinator Webgrrls NYC for several years and enjoys baking.

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